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Listen in, as co-hosts Alberto and Arthur interview guests as they share their fascinating stories! Each episode of The Candid Mic podcast is brought to life with music and sound bites to capture that moment as you walk a mile in their shoes. With humor and humility infused, they ask the candid questions that can be difficult to ask. Be sure to check out the podcast that entertains, The Candid Mic podcast.

November 20, 2020

Stripped - A Soldier’s Journey

From infantry to stripping! Ben talks about life in Georgia and takes us deep into Iraq territory where he was “kicking down doors and taking care of business” during his deployment in the Operation Iraqi Freedom War. He explains his struggles with PTSD and Depression from his medical retirement in the U.S. Army. Feel the bullets fly and the bombs go off as we ask about his worst day during his deployment in Iraq. And yes, we said stripping.





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